There once was a lad named Tad

Who was always more than a tad late with every fad.

When his friends were playing Donkey Kong

He was still pinging over Pong

or when Regional American Cuisine was in fashion

Cheese Fondue his teeth were mashion-

Plus as he was  Rock n’ Rollin’ to Nelson’s Travelin’ Man

His contemporaries were groovin’ to Dylan’s  Mr. Tambourine Man.

So Tad who is now far from being a lad is sure glad on the Internet nostalgia 24/7 can be had.


Healthy, Wealthy But Not Wise

There once was a healthy yet not overly wealthy soccer mom named Flo

Who for a long time was a such a schmo

Because for her brood she bought her food at Whole Foods

Until finally realizing the exorbitant prices she became unglued-

Thus  no longer willing to be screwed

She got  shrewd and  switched to Trader Joe’s.