Hush Puppies

I thought in a breeze I could make them with ease.

Just combine cornmeal, flour, baking soda, egg, onion, salt and buttermilk

Then drop that batter into lots of grease

and they should have come out puffy and smooth as silk,

but I guess I should not have been in such a rush

Since those hush puppies turned into mush.

I don’t mean to be that much of a fussy crier

So next time I’ll try to remember to turn on the fryer.



(In Other Words)

I am your voice

(I’ve got you too scared to consider another choice)

I alone can fix it

(How my lies appeal to you misfits!)

I will build a beautiful wall

(You suckers believe that fairy tale so tall?)

I am the law-and-order candidate

(Just wait and see my unconstitutional mandates!)

Believe me! Believe me!

(Let me deceive you! Let me deceive you!)

I will make America great again

(It’s so easy for me to make America hate again)


Mike Pence

It doesn’t make much sense

All this verbal nonsense about who in contrived suspense

Trump “first pick” chose for “his” vice president.

So how will Mike Pence make his presence felt

as he treats his narcissist boss with deference to the point of insufferance?

Me I view him with utmost indifference,

Since henceforth come November Pence will be known only in the past tense.