Month: February 2014

Mixed Middle Eastern Cuisine

Ever wonder why there are two cous in couscous?

Perhaps it is when served and stew is put on top,

It becomes cousier and cousier.

As to why baba has a ganoush,

Maybe its creator had an aubergine sense of hummus.

Oh well, at least I tried to serve you a bazaar belly fa-laf-el.


The Cougar

Cougars are secretive, sleek, agile, and stealthy cats,

Who stalk and ambush a variety of prey-

To munch whatever they may.

No matter how much I admire  the cougar,

As they are one mystical and mysterious cat,

Although not likely to be an object of their pred-attention,

I really don’t want to be close to where they are.

So, If on a mountain trail, I discover any trace of their scat,

My only reaction is to scat as fast as this hiking cat can.