Month: April 2016

The Donald’s Verbal Incorrectness

If The Donald says it, it must be right

As he does not know the meaning of contrite,

Thus Tan-zah-nia in his zanyia lingo becomes Tan-zay-nia-

So what’s the sense to complainia

Since it only enhances the ongoing ignorant rampant  mania.



Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

Taking pleasure in speaking oh so au contraire

He measures his success by its peaking in fear,

For that he has a freaking flair.

No wonder with a stunned glare the Republican  establishment is pulling out its own hair.

The Primary Name Game

It seems that Hillary wouldn’t mind if Bernie was taken out on a gurney,

While Bernie would like to see for Wall Street Hillary pilloried

and Ted would like for The Donald to be a million times thumped

Plus, of course, The Donald would agree it would be terrific if Ted’s state of life rhymed with dread.