Here’s yet another word that shouldn’t be cause for any complication,

Especially when one uses the proper pronunciation

and is a bit flexible with the words’ execution.

Ruminate is not pronounced rum-in-ate but rather correctly room-in-ate.

So room means a portion of space within a building.

In relates to the noun room because it’s a preposition.

You don’t even need English For Dummies to know that ate is the past tense of to eat.

So once again the three words within the word are room-in-ate.

Thus we are now only left to deduce what room do people eat in.

Unless you’re like me the answer is not bathroom

As that’s where I proactively eat to head off the onset of indigestion.

If you’re normal, simply then ruminate means dining room.

If this explanation your wordy appetite it did not sate,

Either think about it deeply or merely just chew on it for a while.






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