Writing For the Love Of ??? (Revised)

Some people write for a modest income,

Others write for fame or fortune

or desiring impression

or freedom of expression

or getting rid of aggression

or  providing  entertainment and information

or for relaxation

or for digestion

or obtaining attention

or  as a means of socialization.

As for me I write so when I don’t do any housework  or anything else chore related

My wife says to me “at least now you’re doing something.”



Adolph Hitler The Poster Boy Of Evil and Integrity

Adolph Hitler exhibited as much integrity

As any figure in the annals of history

Since his beliefs and actions were in total congruity.

Yet, he was also the most evil person that ever disgraced humanity.

So, how can that be?

You see, to have integrity means no  more than diddly,

Not only what you think and do must fit like a T,

They  must be based on ethical standards of morality.



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