Month: May 2017

NATO Knows Best

Trump says NATO members are cheapos.
NATO says Trump is nutsos.
The rest of the world says so whatisnewsos?



I am commander-in chief, I am commander-in-chief, I am commander-in-chief…

But thanks to the fake newsers to many that is a thought far beyond belief.

So when those so-called pundits make me feel real yucky,

I take a bath and command my rubber ducky.

Hush, Hush Not So Sweet Charlatan

Believe me, there’s so many top-top-top secrets I does knows,

Especially those about friends and foes,

Including my favorite philosophers-Larry, Curly, and Moe.

Yet, I suppose by now you realize your emperor has no clothes,

and even though you knows where I want your nose,

Perhaps for national security sake it’s best if anything confidential to me you don’t disclose.

So this sad-sad-sad saga goes and goes….