Frittering As A Lifestyle

I was afraid I was frittering away my life

so I decided to learn all I could about making frittatas.

For months on end I experimented with oven-topped, baked, and even broiled.

Although traditionally served for breakfast and brunch,

I also frittated for lunch, dinner, snacks, buffets, receptions, and even tailgate parties,

but one day after fraternizing with fellow frittata eaters,

I came to the realization that there was a void in my essence.

Thus once again presently and probably forever

full time I am preparing and eating

among others

apple, banana, peach, corn, zucchini, cauliflower, cheese, ham, lobster, and clam fritters.






Vegan or Pagan?

I thought about becoming a vegan

by converting from being a pagan

but I began to have some doubts

as it would have been too big a sacrifice

since sacrificing is in the roots from whence I began.