Modem Dying

My modem I believe is dying

but to verse I will keep trying.

So if to you I’m unable to post timely

It’s the modem that is kaput and probably not me.




Followers Present & Future(?) Beware

Followers present and future(?) beware!

I shoot off terse verses so rapidly

I’m like a Gatling gun with far more misses than hits,

or so says my Mrs.

Your inbox or spam will be filled with so much blogging ham

that you’ll feel inundated with pun dated jam

as I write so much about food

that you’ll probably be sick not only of the the verses but food too,

so you may think I put a curse on you.

With 8-20 verses coming at you each day,

You may think I’m stalking you

and you’ll probably feel like blocking me

but please remember two things:

You asked for it

Yet only you can stop and/or delete it.

This has been a non-paid for public service announcement,

so I will knowingly accept whatever may be your pronouncement.

I feel far better now that you’ve been scared,

er, I mean made aware.