Exiting the Trumphight Zone

Sure it’s unethical to even make such an insinuation,

So extinguish any thought of an assassination.

Thus, let’s come up with a constitutional way to get rid of the biggest ass-in-the-nation.


Off With His Head!

Donald J.Trump is concerned that it’s possible that to him a Muslim judge may be unfair.

There’s nothing for Tough Donald the Fraud to fear

For after all the judge will only be a jurist and not a terrorist.

Thank You Founding Fathers!

With his bullying, bombastic, pathological persistance

He maniacally keeps his foes, who may have just barely stepped on his toes, off balance.

Yet it is apparent that emotionally he is the one way out of balance.

So let’s say thanks, in advance, to the Founding Fathers,

Who had anticipated that one day a lunatic may put a large segment of the nation in an evil trance,

That they institutionalized a system of checks and balances.

Otherwise without the rule of law,

We might have had to contemplate hiring the likes of a Liberty Valance.

The Real Marbury Vs. Madison In Many People’s Opinion

Marbury vs. Madison was the seminal landmark Supreme Court decision

That determined judicial review was in the U.S. Constitution

but since constitutionally most Americans  know so little about history

They probably think Marbury vs. Madison

Is when infamous basketballer Stephon Marbury sued a  hair salon on Madison Avenue

For making too tight his cornrowed hairdo.