Exiting the Trumphight Zone

Sure it’s unethical to even make such an insinuation,

So extinguish any thought of an assassination.

Thus, let’s come up with a constitutional way to get rid of the biggest ass-in-the-nation.



Trump’s first few weeks have been bumbling.

A sane person would surely find that humbling.

Yet while gazing into his wall-to-wall mirror with his grotesque hair he is fumbling,

Why don’t all my subjects genuflect to me he is heard grumbling and grumbling…

So as his uncontrollable ego drives him to keep on stumbling,

The nation is tumbling and tumbling…


Volume Verses Elicit A High Volume Of Curses

My terse verses I deal in volume

At 10-20 a day

Your email boxes they may fully consume.

So now I think it’s quite astute for me to more than assume

That your requests for me to turn down or more often completely turn off the volume

Mean you do not want me to send to you today a 100 plus verses about philosopher David Hume.