The Only Thing That Is Strong Is The Odor

For one and all

His majesty Trump guarantees to restore law and order.

That sounds like a ton of gall

As he is only the king of flaw and odor.




Bird Brain

For years I’ve strained and strained to teach my Polly to talk.

Yet all she does is squawk and squawk.

So all my efforts to train her have gone down the drain

Since I didn’t realize she belongs to a different flock,

As no parrot is she but rather a hawk.

Thus I must admit even I now know who is the real bird brain.


The Clay-Colored Thrush

While plentiful it certainly is not beautiful.

No quetzal it’s colors are decidedly not resplendent.

No hummingbird it’s far from magnificent.

That ex-robin annoyingly sings and sings and sings never going hush.

To name that thrush Costa Rica’s  national bird they must have really been in a rush.