pop culture

Cheez Doodlers

People when eating oodles and oodles of Cheez Doodles

get confuzled if they’re intrudled

and will act more off their noodle than usual.




Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets seem to have many fans who before they eat them

they hugget

and oftentimes when having their cellular pictures taken with them

they mugget

but as for me I’m indifferent

they don’t seem bad but definitely nothing special

thus when I see them

I just shrugget

so if you don’t share yours with me

I wouldn’t grudget.

Supermarket Ladies Adored & Abhorred

There are some supermarket ladies with whom I have become enthralled

Like Betty Crocker and her brownies

and Sara Lee with her strawberry cheesecake

plus Mrs. T’s the master of many varieties of pierogis

but there is one with whom I am just appalled

and that alas is Mrs. Paul’s

as for her to produce those dreaded breaded fish sticks

She is the mistress of gall.