Trumpian Thought Process???

Trump always follows his ample gut

because a brain nor a heart he ain’t even a sample got.


So Much Baloney

Trump and his gang that can’t shoot straight

Said niet, niet we can’t wait,

Let’s go ahead and fire Comey.

After all,  just the investigative thought of him made Trump’s mouth go all foamy.

Now he can go ahead and try to hire Giuliani

Since he’s such a trusted homey

and the Trumpettes just eat up all this baloney.


Trump’s first few weeks have been bumbling.

A sane person would surely find that humbling.

Yet while gazing into his wall-to-wall mirror with his grotesque hair he is fumbling,

Why don’t all my subjects genuflect to me he is heard grumbling and grumbling…

So as his uncontrollable ego drives him to keep on stumbling,

The nation is tumbling and tumbling…