Hex He & She Can Get Rid Of that Invading Can

In the Land of Churizo

a Mexican would put a hex he can

on any American in Cancun eating a can of Spam.


The Lexus

We were going to go on a cross country trip to Texas

and my wife thought it would be a good idea to rent a Lexus,

but I told her if she wanted to travel first class

I could arrange for us to go by bus and no one would sit next to us.

Normally she has a good sense of humor

yet that day she must have been cross,

so she poked me in my solar plexus.

Supermarket Ladies Adored & Abhorred

There are some supermarket ladies with whom I have become enthralled

Like Betty Crocker and her brownies

and Sara Lee with her strawberry cheesecake

plus Mrs. T’s the master of many varieties of pierogis

but there is one with whom I am just appalled

and that alas is Mrs. Paul’s

as for her to produce those dreaded breaded fish sticks

She is the mistress of gall.




Hush, Hush Not So Sweet Charlatan

Believe me, there’s so many top-top-top secrets I does knows,

Especially those about friends and foes,

Including my favorite philosophers-Larry, Curly, and Moe.

Yet, I suppose by now you realize your emperor has no clothes,

and even though you knows where I want your nose,

Perhaps for national security sake it’s best if anything confidential to me you don’t disclose.

So this sad-sad-sad saga goes and goes….