Month: June 2016

Khao Pud American (A Boston Going Away Bonus Verse)

Traditional Thai fried rice is a delight

Highlighted by oyster sauce, fish sauce, and Thai basil,

but there’s an American version dating back to the Vietnamese incursion

That turns a wonderful authentic dish into a perversion.

You see on the side is added a fried chicken wing, a slice of grilled ham, and a spliced hot dog

Along with a ketchup blob.

For five years working in Bangkok I wanted to be made to feel welcome

but due to that fright rice

I was the one saying Yankee go home.








Adios Y Hasta Pronto

Until July 2 no more Trump verse

or any others for better or worse

’cause I’m going to Boston without access to any computer

but will be thinking of plenty while I’m a train commuter

Unless of course I don’t get to see my first cedar waxwing

Then I’ll mindlessly drop everything as that would be too taxing.

Boston Food Finder Reminder

Boston prides itself on proclaiming the city to be the Universe’s Hub

but even with universities galore they can’t get it right about their grub:

Scrod is really cod.

What they pretentiously call a frappe everyone else calls a milkshake.

A tonic in a Boston accent in Austin is just sodah pop like Cocah Colah.

Jimmies are generously sprinkled on top of ice cream as chocolate sprinkles should be.

To call it Boston Cream Pie is a layered lie as it’s a custard filled chocolate frosted cake.

There’s no pig in a Stuffed Quahog as this hard-shelled clam  would attest.

For goodness sake what’s corn doing in a Clam Bake?

It’s hard to find a submarine sandwich there but not a look alike taste alike grinder.

So if you ever go to Boston this verse about it’s quirky culinary names

Is an off the wall food finder reminder.